Who exactly is Daddy Bao?

The poster by @masonlondon

Joe many years ago!

PUBLISHED ON March 24, 2023

You might have dined with us before and wondered where our name came from? Or spotted the three giant posters in our restaurant and wanted to know a little bit about the story behind them?

Following on from the success of his first restaurant in Peckham, Frank aka Mr Bao, opened Daddy Bao in 2018 in honour of his dad, Joe. He ran his own incredibly successful restaurant for 32 years and his life journey is illustrated on these posters, designed by @masonlondon.

The first poster begins with Joe’s childhood in Hong Kong in the 1960s-70s. He began working at 5 years old, with many different jobs such as making fake flowers, working in a Barbie factory (using a fake ID as he was too young), and a jewellery shop. When he was old enough to go to school, he still worked night shifts and sometimes even ended up sleeping on the factory floor.

The second poster shows Joe arriving in the UK in 1975 (the boat in the background is just artistic license) where he again worked incredibly hard, this time in three different restaurant jobs at once – he even served the Queen as part of her silver Jubilee celebrations. His love for the hospitality industry was born and he began to save to open his own place.

The third poster shows Joe opening his own restaurant in Salisbury in 1985, The Jade Restaurant, which he ran for 32 years until his retirement in 2017. He lived above the restaurant with his family, and had fresh fish and seafood delivered daily. The restaurant gained an amazing reputation and had lots of famous visitors over the years including John Major, Frank Bruno, Lenny Kravitz and Marco Pierre White (who got banned for a year but came back on the year anniversary, asking to be allowed back in)!

The bottom of the poster shows Frank opening Daddy Bao in 2018. The care and attention Joe showed to his restaurant and customers is the inspiration behind how we do things here. Plus, both our house beers have his face on – cheers to Daddy Bao!

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