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PUBLISHED ON April 24, 2023

We were excited to launch our brand new sake menu at Daddy Bao recently, supplied by Tengu Sake who work directly with five award winning Japanese breweries. Founder Ollie came down to give us some training recently and to teach us all about the Japanese spirit, how it is made and how to enjoy it.

Did you know that sake is about 2,000 years old with around 25,000 different types now being produced? Sake is brewed like a beer but designed to be enjoyed like a wine, but unlike wine doesn’t usually have a vintage and is designed to be drunk within a year or two of bottling.

If you fancy trying out our new sake menu on your next visit, our team are ready to answer any questions but here’s a few tasting notes:

Kodakara – Yuzu Sake – Yuzushu: fresh, crisp and refreshing, this is made from finest yuzu and steeped in premium Junami Daiginjo sake and sake kasu shochu. The brewery has 185 years of sake making history, founded in 1854.

Konishi – “Konishi Silver” – Ginjo Hiyashibori Nama-chozo: this sake was the winner of Gold Medal at the 2016 – 2022’s Fine Sake Awards. It is light with a delicate fragrance making it easy to drink and best paired with light dishes. It is produced by the oldest brewery owned by a single family, since 1550.

Shirayuki Classic – Junmai: easy drinking, this is a good and tasty all-rounder. It has a smooth texture and a distinctive rice flavour.

Yauemon – “Moonlight” – Junmai Nigorizake: a sweet-style cloudy sake, best served chilled. This sake pairs well with spicy foods, tempura and other deep-fried foods. It is produced by a multi-award winning brewery, established in 1790.

Fukukomachi – “Gentle Breeze” – Junmai Ginjo: A delicate, moreish, easy-to-drink sake with aromas of sweet melon, baby strawberries, ripe tomato and white jasmine. It is light-bodied and slightly dry with a silky texture.

Kodakara – Plum Sake – Nanko Umeshu: Tart, fresh and rich, this is best served chilled and straight up, on the rocks, or with soda or tonic as an umeshu spritzer.

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