Daddy Bao Recipe | Miso Butter Sprouts

PUBLISHED ON December 19, 2023

wok, sieve, ladle, heatproof bowl, kitchen roll, serving dish, whisk

2x shallots (peeled and thinly sliced)
500g Brussels sprouts (de-stemmed and cut in half)
1 litre oil
100g butter
1 tbsp white miso
Pinch of salt and ground white pepper

Place the sliced shallots into the wok and cover with oil. Turn the heat on medium-high and stir as it heats up.

Once the shallots have turned golden brown remove from the hot oil – either use a slotted spoon or carefully pour oil through the sieve whilst held over the heatproof bowl.

Lay the fried shallot out on kitchen roll to drain, season with salt and white pepper.

Return the oil filled wok to the heat then carefully fry the brussel sprouts in batches for about 30 seconds, until they open up and turn brown around the edges – be careful when putting them into the oil as they will spit a bit!

Once all of the sprouts are fried, make sure they are drained of any oil then add to a serving dish.

Remove the oil from the wok and add the butter. Heat until it bubbles and foams, then add the miso, immediately remove from heat and whisk well to combine.

Pour the miso butter over the sprouts, garnish with the fried shallots and enjoy!

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